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Custom Printed 5 Gallon Buckets, Fully Customized to Your Needs and Budget. 

Lower Handles, Rope Top Handles, Custom Colors, 70ml, 90ml, Food Grade, All Available Now!

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We are the premium injection molder for all of your packaging and container needs.  At Bucket Innovations we strive to provide top tier, personal service, low volume requirements, total customization and industry leading decoration capabilities.

Don’t be just a number to the consolidated plastics giants, become a partner with the family owned, premium, provider that appreciates the importance of your business needs!

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Private Label And Custom Pails For Retailers

private label

Bucket Innovations offers custom sizes, custom colors, custom handles and printing, all with lowest minimum quantities in the industry. Our patented rope upper handles, and patented, integrated lower handles will set you apart from the competition and bring attention to your business. Our 90ML retail pails are commercial grade, they will stay in the hands of your customers for years, keeping your brand in their sight and on their minds.

  • Custom pail minimums start at only 50 units

  • Full Color Printing, custom pail and rope colors

  • Patented upper and lower handles

  • Traditional, non-lower handle pails also available

  • Made in America

Product Packaging With Bucket Innovations

We are all surrounded by competition, from paint, to petroleum it has become increasingly hard to set ourselves apart on the retail shelf. Bucket
Innovations can help, our patented lower handle pails are different, they look different and they “handle” different. Your products, packaged in our lower handle buckets will set your product apart from the competition, not to mention, they are more user friendly for your customers, all at a negligible additional cost per unit. The design will catch their eye, and the ergonomic design and ease of use will bring them back for more!

  • UN Ratings Available

  • Extensively 3rd party tested

  • 90 ML or 70 ML

  • Multitude of lid and spout options

  • Custom colors and full color printing



product packaging

Exclusive Patented Lower Handle Bucket Design


Not since the shift from metal to plastic has there been any good reason to replace a utility bucket, much less a safety reason!! We have Broken the Mold (so to speak) with this revolutionary, patented design. Bucket Innovations has accomplished what many in the industry said could not be done. By integrating a molded handle into the bottom of pales, in a one-piece mold design, with competitive costs to traditional designs that does not restrict any current uses or create logistical challenges. Adding this game-changing safety and convenience feature to our products greatly improves efficiency and safety for your employees and customers alike.

Our product meets or exceeds every industry standard and can replace every application for a bucket.

  • Still stacks like a traditional bucket

  • Still holds 5 gallons

  • Negligible additional cost

  • 100% American Made



Custom 5 gallon bucket color options available
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